Our Process

At The Priebe Wealth Management Group, there is no such thing as a cookie cutter approach to wealth planning. When our Advisors promise to partner for your future, we take on a very personalized approach to the financial planning process. This process starts with getting to know each client and understanding their current financial situation and future goals. As partners, we work together to build a realistic plan to help pursue these goals. Our team is full-service, so we provide recommendations, implementation, and maintenance for investment strategies, insurance options, estate and tax planning, and more. The first step toward comprehensive wealth planning starts here.


Step 1

Identify & Prioritize

During the initial consultation, we meet with our client to learn about their unique situation and financial goals. This is a fact gathering session. It is a time to learn more about our prospective client and an opportunity for them to get to know us.


Step 2

Analyze & Evaluate

After the initial consultation, we the advisor, review and analyze the information that we have gathered about our client. We determine needs regarding insurance, estate planning, and tax planning. During this analysis, we decide the importance of each and prioritize, as not all are feasible to immediately implement.


Step 3

Strategize & Develop

After analyzing the client’s situation, goals, and needs, we meet for a 2nd time to present our recommendations and plan.


Step 4

Activate & Implement

After discovery, analysis, and recommendation, a plan is set in place. We begin implementation of the plan by opening accounts, updating beneficiaries, adjusting insurance, etc.


Step 5

Monitor & Adjust

Our maintenance process directly reflects the relationship we promise to our clients, which is a partnership toward their financial future. From the management of properly allocated investments to staying in touch with clients aims to ensure plans are on track, maintenance is an ongoing commitment.

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